Dedicated to promoting the importance of cryptocurrency to helping grow our U.S. economy while finding solutions to maintaining its security.

The Crypto Action Network is a 501(c)(4) dedicated to promoting the growth and security of cryptocurrency.

We are focused on highlighting the critical impact cryptocurrency has already and will have in the future of our U.S. economy. The Crypto Action Network believes in the freedom and strengths of cryptocurrency and seeks to emphasize those to decision-makers and the public.

Cryptocurrencies represent a tremendous opportunity to enhance U.S economic growth, job creation, and financial inclusion. Over 100 countries, including the United States, are already considering, or actively using, a central bank digital currency. Beyond these, there are countless digital currencies available to all members of the public to invest in.

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Many major U.S. corporations already accept cryptocurrency payments and have invested in these currencies themselves. The Crypto Action Network promotes innovation in this expanding market and will support public policies that help foster continued growth.

We Support Public Policies that:

  • Encourage growth and innovation in the cryptocurrency market. Online teaching platforms have become increasingly vital in educating individuals about the intricacies of digital currencies and blockchain technology.

  • Facilitate engagement between U.S. businesses and new customers in the digital market

  • Improve and fight for the digital security of cryptocurrency networks

  • Allow for flexible taxation policies, so American businesses can digitally compete with competitors overseas

  • Protect cryptocurrency assets held in a digital form on blockchain

  • Enhance the public’s understanding of the many benefits of digital currency

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